Friday, October 20, 2006

Happy Deepavali!

The souls were drenched in the darkness of unreality,
tied up by the demon of duality,
to the chains of karma and samskaras.

The blue one in his infinite compassion was coming to rescue,
"I too would come", said his shakti.
"That is a battleground and the souls are in a pity state,
you would be sorry to see them" said the lord.
"more the reason", said his shakti,
"further, victory is not possible without me".
"Ok", said the Lord.

Battle ensured. It was bloody.
The hordes of the souls,
that had no time to wait for emancipation,
had already become trophies in the other side.
The darkness of unreality, was so immense,
that even the lord thought to himself,
"I am the manifestation of brahman,
why is this darkness taking so long?"
He sat meditating.

His shakti thought,
"This is no ordinary battleground,
the oppressed souls are refusing,
to see the true light within them."
"The demon does not have the power
to stand before even one of them."
"The chains are rusty and the
demon is unreal, to tie these souls."
"What is needed is self-realization."
"Let me help them by revealing myself".

She said to them,
"I am satya, the truth and reality. See me!"
"You oppressed souls! know that
this darkness of unreality does not exist,
this demon of duality does not
have power over you."
"Know thyself!
Know that your inner self,
is as infinite, and as potent,
as that which drives the lord here."
"tat tvam asi. tat tvam asi".

The souls realized the illusory nature of the demon,
it was Brahman everywhere.
The lord wokeup and smiled,
it was Brahman everywhere.
Filled everywhere was,
the radiance of a thousand suns,
it was Brahman everywhere.
Not that there was a time when it was not,
it was Brahman everywhere.
Truth, peace and joy prevailed.
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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Audio renditions of Sri Dakshinamurthy Stotram

Here are two audio renditions of Sri Dakshinamurthy Stotam:

1. From, thanks to this post on advaitin.

2. By unknown artists in fusion style, thanks to this post on advaitin.

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

tera teeyaga raada ...

It is said that when Thyagaraja, went to Tirupathi, a curtain was drawn -- as it usually done, so that seva, or alankar can be done -- between him and his lord. He waited long, and when he -- the life long devotee of Rama, the absolute in the form of prince of Ayodhya -- could not wait any longer to see his lord, he sang:

tera teeyaga raada naaloni
tera teeyaga raada
tirupathi venkata ramana matsaramagu tera teeyaga raada

which roughly means

Oh lord, please remove the curtain of ignorance which separates us.

He of course was referring to his saguna-brahman as Sita-pati. What difference does it make when the devotee is longing for uniting with his lord, whether it be nirguna or saguna? What difference does it make, when all he wants is, to be removed of his ignorance or EGO. The ego, which is the final obstruction between a devotee and his God, the jiva and his Ishvara, the Vishistadvaitic-atman and its qualified-with-attributes-brahman, the soul attaining its Nirvana, the Advaitic-eternal-atman with the eternal-brahman?

Not surprisingly, the curtain fell off and Thyagaraja is said to have finally merged with Rama-brahma?


What use is of feelings if they do not come into practise in daily life? What use is the ability to remove the ego when with oneself, when in any kind of communication, nay even presence of others does it manifest itself? Is this the way of the world? Probably not. The key may be to pray to the Goddess Maya herself, to Ma Kali, Ma Lalitha Tripurasundari to reveal herself.

... Dakshinamurthy ruupini
Sanakadi Samaradhya Siva Gyana Pradayini ...

(from Lalitha Sahasranamam)
O southward-facing one (O kind one), who gave the eternal knowledge to Sanaka and others, please do the same to me. Read the rest of this entry >>