Thursday, June 14, 2007

Aavarana, the non-vedantic that is,

Mandukya says that the Self (that) is "unseen, beyond unseen, beyond empirical dealings beyond the grasp (of the organs of action), uninferable, unthinkable; whose valid proof consists in the single belief in the Self; in which all phenomena cease; and that which is unchanging, auspicious and non-dual." [Mandukya.]

The same can be said about the Sanatana Dharma, the one that cannot be covered by a million years of aavarana of Islam. The reason being that Islam was never there. All is needed for its disapperarance to become a practical-reality (in vyavahaara) is for people to realize the Truth! Any imperialist religion would fall as an aberration in the abysmal time the moment the realization occurs. Just like Avidya. The people of Bharat should meditate on "yosavasou purusha sohamasmi" [Isha] to realize their true nature.

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