Saturday, September 10, 2005

Tell a story

It was the campus of the top graduate school of India. Raj and Ram were walking together, back to their hostel rooms. They were good friends and had endured the hard first semester together. They thought they knew everything about each other.

The time now was 2am. They had just submitted their programming assigment at 11:59pm of the previous day, before the dmidnight deadline. Then they started their next assignment which was due this weekend.

They were both tired. Cold breeze was blowing at that time in the beautiful campus of Bangalore. They were in their second semester of their stay. They both had to pass an All India entrance test and get the top ranks to get into the computer science department of the top graduate school in India.

Suddenly Raj said "I saw that girl again today, she was wearing the same offensive t-shirt 1". Though Ram was quite sleepy to respond, he asked, "So you named the t-shirt1?". They were talking about a girl they used to notice sometimes a Girl who used to sit next to them sometimes in the Common labs.

The common labs used to have students from people other than computer science department too. Not many of Computer science students wanted to go to that lab. The reason was that the machines were slow. It was kind of prestige question for CS students to sit in a common lab with students of other departmens. Some of these students were noisy and came to the labs only to have fun. Most importanlty, many of the machines there were running Microsoft aka MACRO-SLOW. The CS labs on the other hand were quite and ran the revolutionary OS linux and most of the students there were sober.

This night, both Ram and Raj has started late. So their own labs were full and they had to sit in the common lab.

Ram asked, "What were you saying about the t-shirt?" Raj responded "I have named the t-shirt 'Do you think that ' as t-shirt 1. Also I have named 'CS graduates are .... '. Ram asked, I thought you were too busy doing the assignment to notice the t-shirts of others, leave alone of girls.

Raj said, "I couldnot help but notice the t-shirt when I was helping fix her code". This was too much for Ram. He surely thought Raj was making this up. They both used to talk like drunken guys, without any aim on their way back to hostels on such days.

The next afternoon, they met at the college cafe. They both had missed the morning breakfast. After they were done with eeating it hungrily, Ram asked "yesterday were you saying you helped that Girl?" Raj said, "Oh yeah, and I asked her name. and I asked where she was from and ...". Ram said "ok. ok. we can makeup stories later. How is yor assignement going?" It is fine, I have to.

Ram said, "I am sure you are making this up. I know you and how you behave. I am very sure that you did not talk a single word with that girl till now." Raj said, with his tongue in cheek "I know that you still think me to be a studious guy coming from a all boys engineering college. I bet that I talked to that girl."

Ram got enraged "If you prove it to me that you talked to that Girl, I promise to be cleanly shaven for 1 month". Ram was quite infamous among his classmates to for his unshaven face. "and, if you cannot prove it within the next week, you will not shave for the next 1 month". Neither of them, or any of their classmates minded unshaven faces, as everyone in the school was busy with atleast 5 courses in a semester.

The next day, they were discussing their assignment in the common longue of the library. Ram, with just noticed that the girl passed by. He acted as if he did not notice the girl. Raj too noticed that the girl. He stood up and called softly, "Hello Kusum". Ram was taken aback! "Hi! said Kusum" coming to them. "Kusum, this is my close friend, Ram". "Hello Ram", said Kusum. "So, you are wearing a new tshirt today is it?" said Raj. "Yes" said the girl. May I know what is behind? luckily for Ram, who was still in a state of shock, she was not wearing a coat over the tshirt which covered her back. She turned around. The tshirt read "CS graduates are very boring". She turned back again, said "My day is made, I told the truth atleast on the faces of two nerds today". "See you both later. bye" and she vanished. Raj winked at Ram.

Next act.

An year later, the wedding was in Calcutta in the east. Ram was one of the special invitees. Kusum was from the .......

Bombay in the west, Calcutta in the east, Meerut in the north and Cochin in the extreme south west. Ram and Raj were in a southern city, but quite far from the city in which Kusum's was originally from. This was a truly cross-indian marriage with all the different cultures. To satisfy both the parents, Raj and Kusum had two weddings. The major one was in Raj's home in East. The minor one was in the ancestral home of the girl in south west. The boy and girl, after the marriage went and stayed for some time in the boy's parents house in Meerut in the north and for some time with the girl's parents in the west in Bombay.

So, what was behind the two shirts Ram asked Raj. Well, offensive tshirt 1 said "CS graduates are very ... boring" and offensive tshort 2 said "Am I cute? ... No Shit!"

Ram smiled and said, "Thanks for letting me know. If I was less busy when we were in the Institute, I would have understood how all this worked". Atleast, I will be on the watch out for friends of mine

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