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Question on Kailash Nath and its reply (from advaitin mailing list)

In Advaitin mailing list at yahoo groups, Question regarding Kailash Nath, Krishna Prasad asks,

Dear Scholars,
We all know Kailash Mountain is the only GOD's abode we can go with this physical body and comeback, they say in the shores of Manasarovar there are wish fulfilling trees etc. If the ancient people can see Lord Shiva and Parvathi in Kailash, why can't we see now. and they say Ravana have danced with Kailas mountain. and he want to carry it to Sri Lanaka, is it only stories or is it really happened? Please clarify. Symbolism and other things we can explain but in this mayaic world is it true??

In the reply, "Purusha" gives an answer:

A seemingly simple question with profound implications. I am not a scholar but a simple spiritual pilgrim but I am taking the liberty of answering your wonderful questions.

You write :

(Kailash Mountain is the only GOD's abode we can go with this physical body and comeback, they say in the shores of Manasarovar there are wish fulfilling trees etc.)

This is true. Kailash is situated in Manasarovar, Himalayas and many pilgrims go on Tirthayatra to this holy place. That is the ouTwatd pilgrimage that everyone is aware of.

However, there is an inner pilgrimage- The human body itself is a sacred holy place where the soul's journey starts from the Muladhara chakra and reaches the Sahasarachakra, upon which the YOGIS reach the goal of Self Realization is realized. . In this Sahasara chakra of Thousand petalled Lotus , Devi (shakti) herself sports with her eternal consort (shiva) in cosmic union. This is the celestial abode of the yogis - this is the 'Kailas' of all self realized yogis. Devi herself is the Wish fulfilling tree ( kalpavriksha) who resides as Kundalini Shakti ( Devatma Shakti - Divine Power) in the Muladhara chakra.

This is the great Kundalini Sadhana practiced in Tantric circles. Shankara talks about this type of Sadhana in his Saundarya Lahari.

Many self realized souls after successfully completing Inner pilgrimage undertake outer pilgrimage like Adi Shankara for Loka Sangraham or Loka kalyanam. The parivrajaka sanyasis do the same. So did Swami Vivekananda.

Also, Parvati is Prakriti and Parameshwera is Purusha. Purusha is Soul. Prakriti is Cosmos. They are not opposite principles , conscious and unconscious . They are here recognized as identical in the highest spiritual experience.

VERSE 51 in Avadhuta Gita says thus: As water, when water has been poured into water, has no distinctions, so purusa and prakrti appear nondifferent to me. (

Shivaa and Shiva are 'One' - duality is only in the mind.

Narada Bhakti sutra says: Athato Bhaktim Vyakhasamah ... [meaning: Now we shall explain the path of devotion. Meditate on the great cosmic couple and Reach Kailash with your mind, body and soul.] Athato.....

Best regards

As a response to this post, Chittaranjan Naik says:

I don't know why i say this, but you are no ordinary being. I see Shiva in you. Thank you for the lead.

I could not have said it better.

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