Saturday, March 25, 2006

Of Bogus Advatins and Bogus Christians

A conversation with Al (who is a christian, and with whom I discuss Advaita and similar stuff, over email):

[Al wrote]
im running into what i call bogus advaitins on the net. they call themselves nondualists yet believe we cant call ourselves god until we clear up our karma or have the moksa experience. i say its unconditional tho those who call themselves god can function much better as god. when i first meet hindus i ask them if theyre god. if they say yes unconditionally i shake their hand

[My reply]

Very good idea!

Hopefully you ask all "christians" if they have love for everyone -- including their enemies, like radical islamists-- and refuse to shake hands who have inhibitions in loving their enemies.

Later (thankfully) sense prevailed.

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