Friday, April 07, 2006

tapaswadhyaya niratam taapaswi vagvidam varam

So start the most beautiful Sanskrit verses ever written. They were the inspiration for great poets like Kalidasa.

Here is an online version of the Vaalmiki's Ramayana. The first 18 verses of the Baala Kaanda are beautiful.

The poster is also lucky to have the Telugu translations of Valmiki Ramayan by Shri Pullla Ramachandru Garu. Here is a great online book shop that sells Telugu books. Particularly recommended: Baala Kaanda and of course, Sundara Kaanda.

A young kid, Anand is translating Ramayana into English in his blog. He is right now in Yuddha Kaanda and plans to complete by (I think) Tamil New Year. Read it.

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