Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ramakrishna Mission and TTD

Being an admirer of expositions of Vedanta by great men, many of whom happen to be from Ramakrishna Mission, it fills up by heart with immense joy when I see the following on the backcover of a translation of Upanishads book:

The words say "Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam is supporting Ramakrishna Mission in bringing these books at low prices." Tirupathi Venkateshwara supporting Ramakrishna Mission is the manifestation of the statement from Bhagavad Gita: "Dharma Samsthapanarthaya Sambhavaami Yuge Yuge", where Naarayana supports Dharma and the Vedic truths in many forms.

Some of the books on Vedanta I have read by people of the great order:

  1. Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita by Swami Prabhavananda
  2. Self-Knowledge etc. Swami Nikhilananda
  3. Upanishads by Swami Sarvananda (both English and Telugu)
  4. Lectures on Mandukya by Swami Ranganathananda
  5. The Upanishads by Swami Gambhirananda

I have an intuitive feeling that, in the last century, Ramakrishna Mission has atleast matched the peethams set up by Shri Adi Shankara in propagating Vedanta.


Sharan Sharma said...

Talking about RK mission and the Sankara peethams, interestingly (and i wonder if you know this), when Swami Vivekananda came back from the US there was opposition from the orthodox quarters (crossing the seas and all that).

The RK mission in Calcutta approached various orthodox quarters for support but were not getting it. At that time, the Sringeri Shankaracharya (widely regarded as a reincarnation of Sri Adi Sankaracharya) announced his unequivocal welcome to the Swami into India. This fact was used by the RK mission in garnering support for a rousing welcome.

I feel India is truly blessed in that we have had teachers coming at the right time. We need one NOW don't you think?

ramakrishna u said...


I did not know about the Vivekananda controversy. I just know that the Mysore Maharaja paronized the RK mission heavily, including the expenses for the Swami's trip.

I feel India is truly blessed in that we have had teachers coming at the right time.

Yes, India is truly lucky that great teachers with substance and -- equally importantly -- charisma kept on appearing in the pavithra-bhoomi. One tradition says that we had three great teachers. Buddha, Shankara and Ramakrishna. Each came approximately 1000 years after the previous one.

We need one NOW don't you think?

The previous paragraph of mine is quite disheartening isn't it? WE (people of this century) just missed one by a century:)

Not quite if we consider that we can learn from all three. Truly, the true teacher is the Buddha/Shankara/Ramakrishna within oneself!