Friday, November 02, 2007

100,000 to 55

A whole genre of short-stories has the theme that a story should consist of just 55 words. There is a book The World's Shortest Stories of Love and Death, which is a good read.

Our own blogosphere also had its own 55 word contributions. Read about the contributions from here.

Here is a contribution by your's truly.

How can they be like this? Aren't we their brothers?

Five versus hundred. Let it happen. Can we do it?

We have Truth, in person.

Oh, did all of it have to happen?

He is gone too! We are done. Let's go.

Dharma is all we are followed. Like a dog it will follow us.

Actually, the title should have been "3,200,000 to 55" The mahakaavya has 100,000 verses, mostly in anusthup (8+8+8+8) chandas.

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