Thursday, July 10, 2008

Origin of the word Devanagari in Rig Veda?

The usual script for Sanskrit (and hence, a couple of Indic languages) is called Devanagari (देवनागरी), which literally means "City of Gods". Isn't it interesting that it has close connection with Mantra 1.164.39 of Rig Veda?

Here is the wiki page.

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Arun said...

Forms of letters have been changing, but structure of script has remained the same. In exponential scale with base 2 and taking 3 units as measure of earth, solar system is 33 units, i.e. 2 power 30 times earth size. Thus sun field had been called 30 dhama. Prana (energy) of each dhama is one deva, each symbolized by a symbol. All consonants from k to h are 33 devas, the script is a nagara (chity=city) or arrangement in symbols, so it is called Deva-nagari. Measure of galaxy is 49 units, each dhama is a marut. Complete alphabet is equivalent to that. Creator field of galaxy is about 10 times bigger called Kshetrajna, so 3 letters are added-Ksham Tra, Jna. Tapah loka (visible universe)of Brahma is 2 power 64 times earth=about 12 billion light years. So Brahmi script has 64 letters.