Saturday, May 02, 2009

Gita Quiz

In the past, I had linked to a Gita Quiz posted on advaitin list by Prof. VK. Here is a link to a Gita Quiz from Chinmaya Mission.


సీత said...

I need a small help from you.
Nenu Gita makarandam book chaduvuthunnanu.. andulo bhramaram keeta katha gurinchi mention chesaru.. naku aa story teliyadu.. meeku telisthe cheppagalara??

ramakrishna u said...


Welcome to my blog. I am very happy that you are reading the great book by Swami SriVidya Prakashananda-ji.

I think you are referring to what is said as bhramara-kita-nyAya, an illustration in Vedanta. In this example, a worm (signifying jIva) becomes a wasp (signifying brahman) by constantly thinking about it.

This link has good explanations to many of the common illustrations in Vedanta. Number 12 there is the bhramara-kIta-nyAya.

సీత said...

Thanks a lot!!!