Monday, June 27, 2005

Prabhavananda's book on the Sermon and additional links

Originally, al had asked me to suggest some books on advaita. I thought that his main interests were Christianity and so suggested Shri Prabhavananda's book on the Sermon on the mount as an introduction to Vedanta. Later he replied to me

al hakanson said...
thank you. i started reading the book. but its too dualistic. its god in you, not you are god

This is what i replied

I agree with you. Prabhavananda's book gives a vedantic, not advaitic interpretation of the sermon of the mount. vedanta is the general school of thought from which many schools emerged. Advaita is one of them and is the most prominent. There are other schools of thought, some of which are dualistic, which emerged from vedanta.

To know more about Advaita, I would suggest looking up the wonderful book by Deutsch (which I am also reading) and also the links from the mailing list. Looking forward to your comments.

this is Al's link.