Monday, June 13, 2005

Ramana's forty verses on reality

Reading a book on Ramana Maharshi . Also converted Ramana's Forty verses on reality into a mailing list. Some of them are very abstruse, some are very simple. All are very enlightning. A few selections.

  1. (Invocation 2) Fear of death is the driving force behind the quest for immortality.
  2. (1.) Awareness is All - The seer, the seen, the real and apparent.
  3. (6.) The world is what the mind conceives through the senses.
  4. (19.) Arguments about destiny and free will are carried on by those who have not realized. Those who have, are free from both.
  5. (21.) To see God is to be absorbed by God.
  6. (22.) God shines in the mind. But to know God, the mind has to turn inward.

The book also has some translations of Sankara's work by Ramana. More about it later.

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