Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sorry for not blogging

Dear Readers,
I am sorry for not blogging regularly. I have a couple of posts pending, but have important work to do too! While I am blogging, I would love to hear some comments from you on the posts on Adi Shankaracharya movie (and others).


sj said...

Looks like we were in sync during our off times too. I thought I had your blog on my RSS reader but for some reason it never showed that you had so much going in the last month or so (would u know the reason, u mentioned something about on the Sankaracharya movie blog "has protections so that it does not come under google searches, not even google-blog searches". Could that be the reason).

I just got pulled into some imp stuff and hence the slack time on blog. I am about to wrap up atleast one cycle of it, so will soon join back and do some serious reading on ur invaluable posts.

ramakrishna u said...

< put on the tone of Agent Smith>
Mr. SJ,
Welcome back! I missed you.

I knew you were busy (and as you said, so was I).

I turned off the option of publishing the RSS feed of my blog by google. In the blogspot options, when ever I had an option of turning off something, I did. [This was in the times I was being, possibly overprotective.]

Now that you are back, let us have some fun. I am waiting for your comments on the Shankara movie (among others).