Monday, February 27, 2006

Want to do some great bedtime listening?

I heartily recommend the page at Smithsonian where some truly wonderful people talk about great things.
For example, Karen Armstrong, who talks about the life of Buddha is the person whose description from WiKi is:

I usually describe myself, perhaps flippantly, as a freelance monotheist. I draw sustenance from all three of the faiths of Abraham. I can't see any one of them as having the monopoly of truth, any one of them as superior to any of the others. Each has its own particular genius and each its own particular pitfalls and Achilles' heels. But recently, I've just written a short life [story] of the Buddha, and I've been enthralled by what he has to say about spirituality, about the ultimate, about compassion and about the necessary loss of ego before you can encounter the divine. And all the great traditions are, in my view, saying the same way the much the same thing, despite their surface differences.

PS: I posted on the same here too.

PPS: The great Buddhist scholar Robert Thurman (who talks about seven virtues and anger control) also happens to be the father of Uma.

Thanks a ton to Atanu for the original link!

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