Friday, September 14, 2007

A Great Mystic

Tagore has been written as a beautiful poet and mysic and nature lover. But who else but a great advaitin, one who can meditate for hours on the nature

`Every morning at three---I know, for I have seen it'---one said to me, `he sits immovable in contemplation, and for two hours does not awake from his reverie upon the nature of God. His father, the Maha Rishi, would sometimes sit there all through the next day; once, upon a river, he fell into contemplation because of the beauty of the landscape, and the rowers waited for eight hours before they could continue their journey.' [link]

Who else, but a great self-realizer can immerse himself into the wonder that is mother nature?

Thanks to Shri Sadandaji whose reference lead me to read the book after a long time. The conversation on advaitin list that lead to this comment ("You should read Gitanjali by Tagore") is also worthwhile, with its subject ("Why is Krishna not visible to us?") Someone was asking on the advaiting list, There were some, who gave the harsh reply. But Shri. Sadanandaji who (along with Prof. V. Krishnamurthy) coined the term "Advaita inspite of duality" gives the above reply and the following one too:

It is like asking, closing my eyes - how come I do not see the light - better yet wearing think dark glasses and asking why it is very dark here.

To see Krishna is to recognize Krishna in what I see, or his presence, not looking for Krishna. It is seeing Krishna present everywhere and in everything, starting from himself.

We get carried away with forms and names and forget
the substantive Krishna that is there in all names and


How can I not see Krishna? Where can I not see Krishna?

Read the full reply!

Post script (a couple of weeks later). Bhaskarji started reading ""Collected Works of Bhagawan Ramana Maharishi", thinking about "Who am I" and posted the following. Is the result a surprise? "Seek and Ye Shall Find"

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