Friday, September 28, 2007

Sruti Gita and Other Links

Here are a few links:

Sruti Gita: In chapter 10-87 of the Bhagavatham, Vedas sang the praise of the Lord in his nirguNa state at the beginning of creation, even before the creator Brahma had been created. It is called "Sruti Gita" or "Veda Struti" from Bhagavatham. Here is a good introduction and translation from Prof. VK Here is a link from Vedabase.

Sanatsujatiyam: Shri. S. N. Sastry, a reputed scholar and regular poster to advaitin mailing list has completed part 2 of his translation of Sanatsujatiyam. Here are the pdf links (part 1 and part 2.) Here is Prof. VK's translation of Sanatsujatiyam.

RigVeda and the Indian Systems of Approach to the One: I was searching at advaitin archives/files for any translations of verses from Rig Veda verses in light of Advaita. Shri Himanshu Dave (in 2000) posted a series of excellent articles with the title "RigVeda and the Indian Systems of Approach to the One". Included are excellent explanations to many famous verses from Rig Veda. Here is the link to those files. More links to posts which talk about Vedas are in this post by Shri. Ram Chandran. Also, to a question by Dr. Sadananda, "Why should we read Rig Veda and why should we inquire so much into the symbolism within, when at the same time Upanishads (clearly the flowers from Vedas) and are easier to understand and talk to us more directly?", the reply by Prof. Dave is worthwhile reading.

PS Also worth reading is this article.

A beautiful story about Radha and Krishna: Krishna - Nitya Brahmachari retold by Shri P. R. Ramachander, who posts to the advaitin mailing list. Also here is my post on the same topic, which was excerpted from Raja Rao's Serpent and the Rope.

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