Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Writing is a sAdhana

In his latest post, Atanu says:

Writing is a way of learning, a process of self-discovery through an exploration of one’s thinking. The written word is a record of ephemeral and elusive thoughts, a trace of the immaterial in a material form. I often delight in the recollection that re-reading my own writing affords me. If I have one bit of advice to offer, it is this: write down what is important to you now so that you will have a reminder should you need it.

Notice the similarity of these thoughts with what the Raja Rao says in his "Writing is a sAdhana".

Hopefully the lazy one would read this often and write something in this blog, in the coming times!

PS: It will do well for any reader to read the advise by Philosopher Atanu on Writing.

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