Thursday, February 23, 2006

Campaign against Yahoo!

There has been a campaign against using YAHOO!, notably from Nikolas Kristof because of its evil doings in China. On February 19, 2006, in China' s Cyberdissidents and the Yahoos at Yahoo, he singles out Yahoo saying

Yahoo has acted disgracefully by helping to convict dissidents, but the bigger picture is that the Internet is a force for change in China.

He says that Yahoo! has been the biggest accomplice and that smaller culprits are MS, Cisco and Google. He links to Boo Yahoo! which was possibly started by a dissident and asks us to punish Yahoo my moving away from it. I am a right now little tied up with for reading my blogs, mail and other stuff. So, when I have time, I will move away from Yahoo!

Why was I that foolish that I am using one private domain for so many things? I was possibly very lazy to use the right tool for the right purpose. I am scared if the company above was Google (is it not already an accomplice in something else?).


sj said...

I guess too many eggs in one basket applies here too :-). You need to be sort of the moving target ...

ramakrishna u said...

It seems that the old villian in silicon valley is MS. The new villian maybe Google. It also seems that Google is quite hated there.

If MS monopolizes the OS and gives things IE for free, it is said that Google will buy the internet (metaphorically of course) and give the services for free!