Thursday, January 11, 2007

Articles by Arun Shourie

A pointer to some articles written by Arun Shourie. His clarity of thought, preciseness and knowledgeability and the honest to call a spade as such, make each of his writings a piece in itself.

In Weak to the Strong, Strong to the Weak, he argues how partisan has been the practise of extreme-liberalism in India, atleast in the depiction of pictures of Dieties:

"But nude representations are a part of our tradition. Look at Konark, look at Khajuraho," the advocates have been shouting.
What basis is there for declaring the women portrayed there are Saraswati or Sita or Lakshmi ?
Many Hindus also notice the other thing -- the one I mentioned as the reason as against the rationalization for no artist ever being galvanized by the creative urge when it comes to painting the features of the Prophet. They notice that the artists do not do so, not because these masters cannot do so, nor because their muse never goads them in this direction, but because they know that, were they to do so, they would be set upon.

On Anne Besant and the current president of the congress. (This article was written in 1999, when the congress sychophants raised a hungama for the window of Rajiv Gandhi to become their president.)

Every act, every thought had been in the public domain for forty years in Mrs Besant's case. Every act, every thought has been shrouded behind the speech-writer's script, the PR advisor's sheen today.
The Congress-presidency came after twenty years' unremitting labour in the service of India in Mrs. Besant's case. It has come as a measure of desperation by persons who have no other way of acquiring office today.


Many more at The pointer was found in a comment to an excellent post (read it) on Atanu's blog. [Thanks to him, and the blogger.]

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