Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ramana's Dakshinamurthy

"The carving of Dakshinamurti over the Patalaling Siva shrine, where Ramana Maharshi spent much time doing sadhana."

The above photograph is part of a collection of Atmajyothi's tour to Ramana Ashram at Arunachaleshwara.


Sharan Sharma said...

Thanks for remindng me of Sri AruNachaleswara. I spent three days at Tiruvannamalai some years back - it was heavenly. This post brings back those memories (the mere thought of AruNachaleswara is said to bring mukti isn't it?)

P.S - aren't there supposed to be four rishis (sanakAdi) around the Lord. This icon seems to have one rsi missing - or maybe it's just photographically hidden.

Unknown said...

Please do send me quotes from our scriptures
Thanks you.