Sunday, December 09, 2007

Dhyana Gita 1: Nature of God

  1. Supreme Person:

    1. We should cut down the Ashvatta (tree of creation) with the sword of detachment and begin our search for the supreme person [15(1-4)].
    2. The Perishable, the Imperishable and the Supreme Person [15(16-18)].

  2. The Thread: I am the Thread passing through all the existences and souls. [7(4-7)].

  3. Mellifluous Essence (rasa) (taste, essence and bliss): Universal immanence of God in the form of qualities and seed [7(8-12)].

  4. The Highest Individual and Supreme Spirit: I am the individual and the supreme spirit, immanent in all existences and it is I who illumine the sun and the moon [15(12-14)].

  5. The Sacrifice: I am sacrifice and the sacrificer; I am the father and the mother; I am the abode and the goal; I am the goal and the Giver and remover of things [9(16-19)].

  6. The Great Artificer: As I create around Me a camouflage,through my supernatural power of Yoga, no one is able to know me [7(24-26)].

  7. Divine Incarnation: When righteousness declines and unrighteousness reigns supreme, God is required to take a birth to protect the good and destroy the wicked [4(6-8)].

  8. The Absolutely Transcendent Being: Everything that is endowed with strength, glory and splendor, is the product of a spark of My lustre [10(41,42)].

Om Tat Sat!

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