Sunday, December 09, 2007

Dhyana Gita 5: Destruction of the Arch-Enemy

  1. The amnion of desire: The enemy of desire envelops knowledge and impels even the wise to commit sin [3(36-39)].

  2. Seats of desire: Let the mind wander but not the body [3(40-41)].

  3. Hypocrisy: Mentally brooding over the objects of sense, by controlling the senses, is also a sin [3(6)].

  4. Sorties of passions: The chains of evils arising from the unrestrained musing on the objects of sense [2(62-63)].

  5. The supreme transcendence of the Atman: This enemy of desire cannot be destroyed except through self-knowledge [3(42-43)].

  6. Disappearance of relish: Even though the sense objects turn away, the relish for them remains; it cannot be destroyed without the vision of God [2(59)].

  7. The joy of clear vision: Self control lends a clear vision which in its turn grants peace and peace brings bliss [2(64-66)].

  8. The supreme goal: A man who is freed from desire (lust), anger and avarice, achieves his spiritual welfare and attains the Highest Ideal [16(21-22)].

Om Tat Sat!

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