Monday, December 10, 2007

Dhyana Gita 12: Lord's Assurance

  1. Crossing the ocean of calamities: If you firmly fix your mind in Me you will, through My grace, be saved from all calamities [18(57,58)].

  2. Compulsion of Nature: Nature will overpower you and compel you to perform action, in spite of your wish to the contrary [18(59,60)].

  3. Whirling of God's wheel of illusion: Submit with all your being to the Lord, who resides in all beings and whirls them all with his mysterious power [18(61,62)].

  4. Self-surrender: If you surrender all your duties and seek refuge in Me, with all your being, I shall free you from all sins [18(65,66)].

  5. Devotion in the form of imparting the supreme spirit: If you import this Supreme Secret to My devotees, you will be the dearest of all, both in the past as well as in the present [18(68,69)].

  6. Submission of Arjuna: Arjuna's promise to act up to the advise of Sri Krishna [18(72,73)].

  7. A thrilling dialogue: Who will not be filled with wonder and joy, by hearing this thrilling dialogue and seeing this supremely marvelous Form of God? [18(74,76,77)].

  8. Attainment of Victory and Prosperity: Victory and prosperity will surely be there where Krishna -- the Lord of Yoga and Arjuna -- the great archer are present [18(78)].

Om Tat Sat!

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