Monday, December 10, 2007

Dhyana Gita 10: Yoga of Devotion

  1. Nature of worship:

    1. The worship of the unmanifested is very troublesome [12(1-5)].
    2. Those who work for me and meditate on Me with single-minded devotion will soon be taken by Me across the ocean of worldly existence [12(6,7)].

  2. Crossing the cosmic illusion:

    1. Absolute surrender to Me alone is the means of crossing my Maya (Illusion) consisting of three Gunas [7(13,14)].
    2. Several persons have become one with Me till now, by giving up passion, fear, and anger, by purifying themselves through the penance of knowledge and by taking refuge in Me [4(10)].
    3. The wicked cannot surrender to Me [7(15)].
    4. Only those in whose sin has vanished is born devotion for Me [7(28)].
    5. Even a vile man endowed with intense devotion and right resolve, can become Sage [9(30,31)].
    6. My devotees belonging to any race, caste, class and class, are equally dear to Me [9(32,33)].
    7. Persons desperately calling on Me for liberation from old-age and death, can alone realize Me [7(29)].

  3. Joy from glorification of God:

    1. Those persons are the great souls, who know Me to be the source of all beings and constantly glorify Me with an undistracted mind [9(13,14)].
    2. He who always meditates on Me with an undivided mind, can attain Me quite easily [8(14)].
    3. Knowing that I am the origin of all, they are filled with devotion and with their minds fixed on Me, they are absorbed in one anothers' bliss [10(8-9)].

  4. Union of God and devotee:

    1. To such a devout Yogi I show the path of intellect -- I give a particular bent to his intellect and volition and with the object of showing compassion, enkindle the lamp of Atman before him [10(10,11)].
    2. I bear the burden of acquisition and preservation of those who worship Me with constancy and single-mindedness [9(12)].

  5. The devotee is the crest-jewel of the wise:

    1. Of the four types of devotees, the realized devotee who worships Me with one-pointed devotion, is the best [7(16-18)].
    2. The realized devotee visualizes the whole world as God [7(19)].

  6. Entrance into God:

    1. If you place your mind and intellect in Me, you will have residence in Me alone [12(8)].
    2. After the seeker realizes My nature through intense morality, meditation and supreme devotion, he can get entrance into Me [18(51-55)].

Om Tat Sat!

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