Sunday, December 09, 2007

Dhyana Gita 3: Nature of the Self

  1. Stay and departure:

    1. I am Myself assuming the form of the Self in this world, with a single spark of Mine [15(7)].
    2. The stay and departure of the Self is directly visualized by the wise sages and the yogis [15(8-11)].

  2. Memory of past births: You don't remember the past births while I do [4(5)].

  3. Death is a mere change:

    1. Like childhood, youth and old-age death also is a change in the body [2(11-13)].
    2. The soul abandons the old bodies and puts on new ones [2(22)].

  4. Thought determines the future:

    1. He who meditates on God with undivided mind as a result of constant practise, at the time of death, reaches the form Divine [8(8-10), 8(12,13)].
    2. The last thoughts decide the next birth [8(6)].

  5. Non-return:

    1. There is no further worldly existence for those who are solely attached and devoted to God [5(17)].
    2. The sages who attain My likeness as a result of this superior wisdom, are not caught in the whirl of creation and dissolution [14(2)].
    3. None can return to this miserable worldly existence when once they merge in Me [8(15)].
    4. He who remains in this state of God-realization at the time of death alone attains Divine-bliss [2(72)].

  6. Perfection through many lives: He who has faith but cannot put forth requisite effort, can attain perfection by taking right birth [6(37,38), 6(40-45)].

Om Tat Sat!

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