Sunday, December 09, 2007

Dhyana Gita 2: Nature of the Absolute

  1. Imperishable:

    1. The Reality is imperishable - immortal; It has brought forth all this extension (universe) [2(16,17)].
    2. The Atman is not born; neither does He kill, nor die [2(19,20)].
    3. The Atman is neither cut by the weapons, nor burnt by fire [2(23,24)].

  2. Uncontaminated: Atman is uncontaminated like ether [13(32)].

  3. Illuminating: The Atman illuminates all the objects like the sun [13(33)].

  4. Non-doer:

    1. The Atman transcends the five senses of action; He is absolute and non-doer [18(13-16)].
    2. The Lord does not connect actions with their fruits; not does he accept the merit and sin (of the people) [5(14,15)].
    3. Non-enjoyer: The supreme person, who is a witness and sustainer, but not an enjoyer, may be called the supreme person [13(22)].
    4. Unknowable: That which is far and near, within and without, which has its eyes and ears everywhere -- that alone is the highest object of knowledge [13(12-17)].
    5. The greatest wonder of all wonders: Who has known God who is all wonder? [2(29)].

Om Tat Sat!

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