Monday, December 10, 2007

Dhyana Gita 8: Yoga of Knowledge

  1. Annihilation of Action:

    1. What is the highest knowledge? Sri Bhagavan said: I shall fully explain to you both knowledge of the Self and of the Cosmos by learning which nothing more shall remain to be known here [7(2)].
    2. Sacrifice in the form of knowledge is superior to all other sacrifices, for all actions culminate in knowledge [4(33)].
    3. The fire of knowledge burns all fuel of actions [4(37)].
    4. He alone deserves the epithet of a sage, who has burnt all his actions with the fire of knowledge [4(19)].
    5. Since doubt is the cause of ruin, he who attains Self-knowledge beyond doubt, is alone free from bonds of action [4(40-41)].

  2. Self-knowledge, very difficult for man:

    1. The river of Yoga disappears and appears again after a lapse of time [4(2,3)].
    2. Rare is the man who has realized God [7(3)].
    3. Time is required for acheiving perfection in Yoga as well as for the complete assimilation of that all-purifying Self-knowledge [4(38)].

  3. Initiation in Knowledge: You can know the path of Knowledge from the realized seers, through humble service [4(34)].

  4. The beginning of knowledge: [Even the beginning of this Yoga will put an end to grear fear.] When once we begin to tread the Path of Knowledge, it will enable us to reach perfection -- our goal -- without any obstacles [2(40)].

  5. Attainment of the supreme person:

    1. Through one-pointed devotion it is possible to attain the all-pervading Almighty God [8(21-22)].
    2. He alone merges in God, who realizes that God is the source and abode of all things [8(30)].
    3. That knowledge will remove the darkness of your delusion and will enable you to perceive all the beings in the Atman [4(35)].
    4. The night of the common people is the day for the wise [2(69)].

  6. Vision of equality: He who attains equality in the vision of God, can alone be entitled to the epithet of a realized Seer [13(27-28)].

  7. Attainment of supermoralism:

    1. Even if you are the foremost of all the sinners, you will cross over all the sins by the raft of divine knowledge [4(36)].
    2. Unlimited is the merit in the form of this knowledge [8(28)].

Om Tat Sat!

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