Sunday, December 09, 2007

Dhyana Gita 6: Bunch of Virtues

  1. Individual virtues:

    1. Self-control: One's self alone is one's brother. One's self alone is one's enemy [6(5-6)].
    2. Single-mindedness: The reason of the resolute is one-pointed, while that of the irresolute branches out in many ways [2(41)].
    3. Endurance: Cold and heat, pleasure and pain are fleeting. Therefore, they should be endured [2(14-15)].
    4. Non-lamentation: [2(28)].
    5. Equality of vision: [5(18,19)].

  2. Social virtues:

    1. Triple penance: Penance of the body speech and mind [17(14-16)].
    2. Devotion to duty: The duties enjoined upon the four varnas according to their Gunas [18(41-45)].
    3. We must perform our own duty even at the cost of our life [3(35)].
    4. Divine heritage: The characteristic of the divine heritage [16(1-3)].
    5. Demoniac heritage: The characteristics of the demonaic heritage [16(4)].
    6. Detailed description of the persons belonging to the demoniac heritage [16(7-20)].
    7. Liberation and bondage: Divine heritage leads to liberation and demoniac heritage to bondage [16(5)].
    8. Virtue is Knowledge: Concourse of virtue itself is Knowledge [13(7-11)].
    9. Culmination of virtues in devotion: Fix the gems of virtues in the socket of Devotion [12(13-19)].

  3. Characteristics of an equanimous man:

    1. Steady intellect: He alone is equanimous man who is engrossed in the bliss of the Atman, by abandoning passion, fear and wrath [2(54-57)].
    2. The state of the tortoise: He alone is an equanimous man who withdraws his senses and mind like a tortoise and steadily stays in Me [2(58-60)].
    3. Control of a boat: He alone is an equanimous man who stabilizes his mind-boat floating headlong along with the rushing current of the senses [2(67-68)].
    4. The poise of an ocean: The mental ocean of the wise does not overflow with the inflow of the streams of desire [2(70)].

Om Tat Sat!

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