Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Gita Jayanthi!

Wish everyone a Happy Gita Jayanthi. May Lord Krishna show us the way through right action, right meditation, right devotion
and right knowledge and discimination. As it is said in the famous shloka,

The Upanishads are as a herd of cows; Krishna the Son of a cowherd, is their Milker. Arjuna is the calf, the supreme ambrosia of the Gita the milk, and the wise man the drinker.

As Shri Shankara says in the introduction to his Gita Bhashya,

The Lord, the eternal Possessor of Knowledge, Soveignty, Power, Strength, Energy, and Vigour, brings under His control maya -- belonging to Him as Vishnu -- the primordial Nature, characterized by the three gunas. And then, through the maya, He is seen as though born, as though endowded with a body, and as though showing compassion for men; for He is, in reality, unborn, unchanging, the Lord of all created beings, and by nature eternal, pure, illuminated, and free.

Though the Lord had nor purpose of His own to serve, yet, with the sole desire of bestowing favour on men, He taught this twofold Vedic dharma to Arjuna, who was deeply sunk in the ocean of grief and delusion; for a dharma spreads and grows when accepted by high-minded persons.

It is this dharma taught by the Lord that the omniscient and venerable Vyasa, the compiler of Vedas, embodied in seven hundred verses under the name of the Gita.

The previous 12 postings were excerpts from Shri Ranade's Dhyana Gita. It is a short book which contains the translation of 366 verses from Bhagavad Gita, which were specifically translated by the Philosopher-Mystic Shri (Prof) R.D. Ranade.

Let us lead a Gita way of life.

Om Tat Sat!

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